Board of Directors

Steven Schnur, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer- Board President

As the Chief Executive Officer of Enhanz, over the last 25 years, Dr. Steven Schnur has evolved his company from a fee-for-service, traditional practice to a management service organization specializing in Medicare Advantage risk contracting.

He directs data analytics, drives business development and provider network expansion. Dr Schnur is also Enhanz Marketing Director.

With a patient base of over 30,000 his healthcare model of the future has continued to attract new health plans, new providers and new patients. His business model has removed many of the “pain points” of medical offices, while maintaining a customer centric and technology driven model.

"The future of healthcare is all about customer service catering to a proactive wellness model. We must be proactive and not reactive to the health issues of our world."

Perry Krichmar, M.D.

Chief Operating Officer - Chief Compliance

As the Chief Operating Officer of Enhanz for the last 25 years, Dr. Perry Krichmar has streamlined operations and been involved in the implementation of all new healthcare facilities.

Utilizing up-to-date healthcare delivery systems, Dr. Krichmar has instituted a value-based healthcare approach, increasing quality across the board. As Chief Compliance Officer he manages utilization, compliance and clinical accuracy.

He has succeeded in growing Enhanz’s managed care population exponentially, with plans to expand across the continental United States, having the vision to put Enhanz on the map.

"The healthcare world is ever changing.  To survive physicians must understand value based care and a preventive approach.  Teaching physicians is my passion and teaching the healthcare industry to treat patients with care and a sense of family is my driving force."

Jose Rios, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

In his role of Chief Medical Officer of Enhanz Dr. Jose Rios provides oversight for the development of Enhanz clinical and medical affairs and health care strategy.

Dr. Rios initially began his professional career as a mechanical engineer for Cordis corporation in Miami after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology.His work involved projects related to neurosurgical devices.

After several months, he realized he was enjoying the medical aspects of his projects more than the engineering ones. Subsequently he went on to medical school at the University of Miami, graduating in 1986. Then he went on to do his internal medicine internship and residency at the Mount Sinai medical center in Miami Beach.

"With three decades in the healthcare industry and his diverse career background Dr. Rios had an integral role in realizing the vision to lead Enhanz into a value-based model"

Fernando Valverde, M.D.

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Fernando J. Valverde, M.D. has been Regional Market President for South and North Florida Medicare Markets at Humana Inc. since 2014.

Dr. Valverde has been responsible for continued development and expansion of Humana's Medicare business in the South and North Florida regions and for staff leadership across all business and operations within those markets.

Prior to joining Humana, Dr. Valverde served as Chief Executive Officer of Florida International University (FIU) Health and Associate Dean for Community and Clinical Affairs at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, both located in Miami.

"Dr. Valverde's contributions and his strategic vision have led Enhanz growth in the healthcare sector."

Elliot Feller

Consumer Advocacy Director

Elliott Feller is an executive with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare services, specifically in Medicare Advantage. Additionally, Elliott has broad experience with correctional healthcare and private equity investments.

He serves as V.P. of Business Development/ Mergers and Acquisitions for Conviva Care Solutions a $3.5 Billion global risk management company that manages over 250,000 lives, 400 Physicians and 110 medical centers throughout Florida and Texas.

Prior to joining Conviva, Elliott served as V.P of Mergers and Acquisitions for MCCI Group Holdings, a $1.5 billion global risk provider to large health plans throughout the United States.
"Elliot’s vast experience in the healthcare industry has been a key contribution to Enhanz business development and continuous expansion"

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